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Orono Agricultural Society…Home of the ORONO FAIR   

164th Orono Fair

September 8th-September 11th 2016


2016 Friday Night Concert   



Kris Web

Opener ” Kris Barclay”

Friday September 9th 2016




Orono TRU-VALUE Coop, 5968 Co Op Rd, Orono
Watson Farms – 2287 Highway #2, Bowmanville



Dinner & Concert web

A limited number of special guests will experience this new addition to the Orono Fair. Designed to provide an evening to remember and insights into Orono’s authentic agricultural heritage, guests will enjoy a three part evening including a curated agri-tour, a local feast and the fair’s Friday night concert. At dinner you will receive a fair wrist band that will enable you to attend the fair for the entire weekend.
The scenic tour will begin at the fair’s offsite parking lot and take you through the Orono crown-lands. After visiting some local producers, guests will dine on a feast at Hayfield Farms, prepared by King’s Court Catering. The meal will take place in a heritage, 1800’s barn, which dates back to the early agricultural roots of the region. Fresh, local produce will be featured. After the fabulous meal you will be taken to the 164th Ulcerative Colitis - Mesalamine Colon Specific Drug Delivery oronofair.comfor the traditional Friday night concert.
The fair is your connection place to the local producers and farmers as well as your opportunity to purchase some of the local products featured during the feast.

Tickets for this wonderful package are $75.00 and can be purchased from Beth Meszaros 905-987-3595, Janet Taylor 905-983-5097 or email
This unique event is brought to you by Orono Agricultural Society, King’s Court Catering and Hayfield Farms.